A Father's Love

Babies are tiny. Parents seems large compared to them, especially newborn babies. For newborn sessions I like the parents and baby to come in the first few weeks after birth. This is a great time as baby is so small and sleepy and we are able to get the baby to really pose well.

I love incorporating parents into a newborn session. Some parents are a bit worried about how they look –especially mom since she just went through a major ordeal. But I know that they will look back on this time in amazement and love having themselves with their newborn in the portrait. Babies change so much during even the first few months that it's great to get portraits made as soon as possible. And parents will look back in amazement that their son or daughter was ever really that small.

One of the things I love doing the most during a newborn session is to create a portrait of dad holding the baby. Dad is usually so large compared to tiny baby that it makes an impact. Sure we get plenty of portraits of mom holding baby but I love getting dad to hold the tiny baby. The tenderness of dad looking at his newborn daughter is priceless. A moment that the parents will cherish forever.

We offer a Baby's First Year plan. Your baby will change so much that first year, in fact greater change than at any time in their life. This plan is a great way to get affordable portraits at key stages in your baby's first year of life. Some of the most expressive baby portraits are taken between 6 and 9 months of age. Your baby will be able to actually look at you and smile much more easily. Pregnant or know someone who is? Contact us (719.475.0160 or email us) today to schedule a free no obligation consultation for the best newborn portraits ever.

father kissing newborn baby Colorado Springs