Planning Your Maternity Session

A little planning for these sessions can go a long way towards you having wonderful portrait art that you can enjoy forever. We prefer to meet you before your session for a pre-session portrait consultation but we do understand that sometimes that is just not possible so we can do this over the phone.

Maternity portraits are traditionally done in studio but we can and do photograph on location. We usually photograph the mom-to-be late in the eighth month or very early 9th month. Each mom is different, it's up to you. When you feel like you are large enough we can go ahead with the session. But don't wait too late  as babies can often surprise you and come early.

We encourage moms to bring their spouse/partner so we can include them in the session. Or moms can choose to come alone. We know that many are military and your spouse might be deployed. Parents, a best friend or children can also attend the session. We've even had people bring pets!

These sessions typically run about an hour. Just relax, it's your time to shine as a soon to be mom! We give priority booking to both maternity and newborn portrait sessions.

What To Wear?

We get a lot of questions on what is best to wear for a maternity session and really it is up to each individual. We will work with you prior to the session to discuss posing, clothing and other ideas. We do recommend loose fitting comfortable clothing. Of course since you are pregnant not everything is loose fitting! We understand that. The point is if you are comfortable then you will look comfortable and relaxed in the photograph.

 For poses against a darker backdrop we recommend wearing colorful clothing  (solids work best) so you won't blend into the background too much. For black and white we recommend darker grays, browns, dark green, navy as well as black. This way the portrait can work in color as well as black and white.

This session is all about the mom to be so it’s your time to shine.