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 What Colors Are Best?


 What Colors Are Best?

    Solid mid-range colors work best. Black and darker colors recede and slim. White dominates and can make people look larger in the photograph. Go with the background. In studio we use mostly darker browns and gray drops. If outdoors choose more earth tone colors. Colors should go well together but everyone does not have to match. Avoid bright colors that dominate as well as patterns that will look “busy.”

For black and white portraits choose dark tones of grays, browns, greens or navy, black and maroon.

Go Long

   Long sleeves and long pants are usually the best choice. Remember it’s your face you want viewers to see. Short sleeves, bare shoulders and spaghetti straps can make you look heavier. Of course there are always exceptions, especially if you are thinner and well toned.

  Knees & Feet

    Knees and even feet can show when seated so women should  keep this in mind if they are not wearing pants. White shoes call attention to your feet and flip flops look too casual. However, bare feet are a good choice for casual portraits inside as well as outdoors.


 Women usually will style their hair. Men and children should wait a week or more from the time of a haircut. Beards and mustaches should be neat and trimmed.


For our contemporary color portraits we always suggest coordinating your colors as a family. Not always necessarily matching, although that isn't always bad either as with the two brothers to the right. But simply selecting clothing with colors that would look good if worn all by one person in the family. Having your portrait taken outdoors, we suggest either earth tones (depending on the season of course) or colors that work with your environment.


For black and white all black is not a necessity. In fact we often prefer that at least one or two persons wear a darker solid color that is not black such as gray, maroon, navy blue and the like. This helps to keep the subjects from blending into the background.


You’ve heard the old adage that first impressions count. As a business person it’s more important than ever these days. Having a professional business portrait is the first step. Knowing what to wear is essential in making that portrait more powerful than ever.

Business Attire or Business Casual?

Much depends on the goal for your portrait. Is this an executive portrait or for you're social media profile or business cards? Is this for your website About page or for your promotional materials? Understanding your final use is key in determining what to wear. We do offer Business Packages that allow for different outfits and poses to satisfy the business person with multiple image needs. My advice is if most of your clients see you in a suit and tie or for women a business suit most of the time then that’s what you need to wear for your portrait. If on the other hand you lean more towards business casual day to day then formal business attire is probably not necessary.

Men’s Attire

For men we recommend either a suit and tie (depending on your normal business outfit) or an open collared shirt with a jacket. It’s best to avoid really bright colors or wildly patterned ties. If you prefer a shirt without jacket then we recommend a solid color (non white) shirt. For 3/4 or full length Business Casual portraits we recommend khakis or jeans.

Women’s Attire

For women either a business suit or nice blouse with a jacket. Solid colors work best; stay away from busy patterns or really bright colors (neon colors or bright reds). If you prefer a blouse or dress alone (no jacket) then we recommend 3/4 or long sleeve. It’s also best to avoid low cut blouses as the final image use may crop in an unflattering way. Necklaces are fine but bear in mind that much might be cropped out in the final use.

Understanding what types of clothes to wear for your business portrait will help you to put your best foot forward in the business world.

Rest assured that we will assist you with planning your portrait especially with your wardrobe. Have any questions about clothing options for portraits? Email or call us @719.475.0160.


In studio $125 session fee; Location: $150

Session fee: $125- this covers a pre-session consultation, your session time of 1 1/2 hours of studio time, post production and your in person viewing and ordering appointment.

Prints and other products are an additional cost. A la carte ordering begins @$95

Our average customer spends between $700-$950

High School Seniors:

$125 for session in studio or on location. Senior collections begin @$435


Looking for head shots or portfolio images of you?  We've got you covered. Our pricing for this is similar to that of our branding portraits.

Business Portraits

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