FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

What Can I Expect From My Head Shot Session?

Your will see your images as we shoot them so there are no surprises. The length of you session depends on which package you chose.

BASIC HEADSHOT - 20-30 minutes and includes 1 final retouched image to use for your marketing.

STANDARD SESSION - 45 minutes- 2-4 outfits, 2 backgrounds, 6 final retouched images images to use in your marketing

EXECUTIVE SESSION - 1 hour Multiple outfits and backgrounds, head shot, 3/4 and full length, 10 retouched images to use in your marketing.

PLUS SESSION - 90 minutes Multiple outfits and backgrounds in studio, multiple poses; 14 retouched images to use in your marketing

What Happens if I need to Reschedule?

If you booked online there is a link on your confirmation email to reschedule. Otherwise give us a call @719-475-0160 or email us.


If you booked more than the Basic Headshot session you need to bring plenty of outfits for choice. You will have time to change during the session.

Women: please bring a comb or a brush. While we have small combs available you will want what you use daily. Also please bring any makeup items you think you may need. We do have some basic foundation powder but you may prefer your own. Also bring any shoes you may want for a full length photo. Men: bring a comb and any shoes if having a full length photo.

What About Hair and Makeup?

Hair and Makeup artist Jessica Faye Beauty comes to the studio to service headshot clients.

Hair and Makeup artist Jessica Faye Beauty comes to the studio to service headshot clients.

Hair and Makeup are not included in the session fee. Having the right hair and makeup is key. Men-We recommend a light foundation (especially with males with darker complexion) to remove any shine. We do offer a little light foundation here at the studio for you to apply or you may wish to have a Makeup artist apply for you. Women- we recommend a professional makeup artist. If you do your own makeup please avoid makeup with and SPF in it; SPF is designed to reflect certain types of light and can make you appear more shiny on camera.

Who Do Your Recommend For Makeup?

Below is a list of makeup artists we recommend. We suggest you contact them to see when they’re available and then schedule right before your session. You may go to them or have them come to the studio, we have plenty of room for them to set up and do their thing. A good makeup session can take between 45 minutes to an hour so book accordingly. If you do book a makeup artist to come to the studio please let us know when you book your session so we know you will be coming earlier than your session and we can be prepared.

Jessica Faye Beauty (719) 304-6375 (Hair and Makeup)


Emma Murphy (719) 447-5140 (Hair and Makeup)

Meg Harris (719) 646-8649

Kim Clay https://www.kimclaymua.com/ kimclaymua@gmail.com

What Should I Wear for my Headshots?

You’ve heard the old adage that first impressions count. As a business person it’s more important than ever these days. Having a professional business portrait is the first step. Knowing what to wear is essential in making that portrait more powerful than ever.

Business Attire or Business Casual?

Much depends on the goal for your portrait. Is this an executive portrait or for your social media profile or business cards? Is this for your website About page or for your promotional materials? Understanding your final use is key in determining what to wear. We do offer Business Packages that allow for different outfits and poses to satisfy the business person with multiple image needs. 

My advice is if most of your clients see you in a suit and tie or for women a business suit most of the time then that’s what you need to wear for your portrait. If on the other hand you lean more towards business casual day to day then formal business attire is probably not necessary.

Men’s Attire

For men we recommend either a suit and tie (depending on your normal business outfit) or an open collared shirt with a jacket. It’s best to avoid really bright colors or wildly patterned ties. If you prefer a shirt without jacket then we recommend a solid color (non white) shirt. For 3/4 or full length Business Casual portraits we recommend khakis or jeans.

Women’s Attire

For women either a business suit or nice blouse with a jacket. Solid colors work best; stay away from busy patterns or really bright colors (neon colors or bright reds). If you prefer a blouse or dress alone (no jacket) then we recommend 3/4 or long sleeve. It’s also best to avoid low cut blouses as the final image use may crop in an unflattering way. Necklaces are fine but bear in mind that much might be cropped out in the final use.

Make sure any clothes you bring are pressed, this goes double for collared shirts and suits. Bring little if any jewelry —the shoot is about you not accessories.

Understanding what types of clothes to wear for your business portrait will help you to put your best foot forward in the business world.

Rest assured that we will assist you with planning your portrait especially with your wardrobe. Have any questions about clothing options for portraits? Email (tara@taracpatty.com) or call us @719-475-0160.

How Else Can I prepare?

If you get your hair cut or colored —make sure you do it 3-5 days before your session.

Be rested and drink plenty of water then day before your shoot—it’s amazing for your skin.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

Basic Headshot will be available within 24 hours, other sessions within 48 hours. We will upload them to a private gallery and let you know when you can view and make your selections.

How Much Retouching Will You Do?

Light retouching is included with every image, this includes stray hairs, darken/lighten image, removing blemishes or lines from your face. Extensive retouching can be added to any image for only $39 per image.