Business Video Products in Colorado Springs

Business Video-The Wave of the Future

Video has been around for quite some time now and it’s getting better every day. Now with new digital video and the capability of people to shoot pretty decent video clips with their cameras and cell phones video truly is everywhere. In the next three years it’s predicted that 79% of all internet traffic will involve video.

Why Businesses Need Video

According to recent web based survey 4 times as many people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. One in four consumers lose interest in a company that doesn’t have video. Nearly three quarters of consumers believe a video describing a service is important. So in order to be relevant in the 21 century businesses need some type of video. From the web survey it appears that two thirds of consumers prefer videos under 60 seconds. A video also needs to be cross platform—over 55% are watching these videos on their smart phones. 

Where to Place Your Video

Email is a great start, many embed videos in their e-newsletters. More than half of consumers have watched a short company video that has come via email. Sharing on social media is a must these days- 84% of consumers have liked a company video and nearly half (48%) have shared a company video on their profile. Embedding a video on your website helps your SEO traffic.

Where to Start?

We can help you with your business video needs. We produce creative hybrid e-products or what we like to call Fusion Video for businesses. What this? It’s a combination of video, stills and audio to engage the consumer. This style keeps the viewer engaged while presenting relevant information about your business. With this style you can even go a little longer than a minute and still engage viewers.

You can see more about the production side of these products on our website here. Check out the video we produced for Autosmith automotive repair shop in Colorado Springs below.

If you’re ready to talk about creating a video for your business call 719.475.0160 and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.