Video Marketing

Video Marketing: 3 Must Have Videos for your Business

Video marketing is the next big thing for local businesses. It used to be video production was only affordable to the big fortune 500 companies who could shell out thousands of dollars to have a video produced. Now days it’s easier and more affordable than ever for the local small business to have a video produced to promote their company’s product and services.

In a recent survey of over 1000 consumers one of the questions asked was which types of videos would you prefer to watch about a company. Three distinct types rose to the top:

#1: Product Videos

Four  in 5 consumers said they find videos showing how a product or service works, helpful. Having a product video is your opportunity to bring your products and services to life in a way that photos and text just can’t. You can show products in action, focus on unique product features, and tell a story that leads viewers to imagine themselves using or owning the product. If you are a service based company you can tell how your service impacts the consumer.

#2 Testimonial Videos

A majority of consumers also reported finding customer testimonial videos helpful. This lines up with 2014 data from BrightLocal that revealed that 85% of consumers turn to online reviews to determine whether or not a local business is reputable. According to NY video production company Animoto, “Including video testimonials on your site in a good way to ensure that the first reviews of your product that your customers see are positive. Additionally, when consumers see their peers talking about your product or service, it builds a sense of trust and allows viewers to put themselves in the shoes of the person giving the testimonial.”

#3: Business Overview Videos

The third most important video consumers desired from businesses is an overview video. This type of video is a quick broad stroke overview of what it is your company does. The types of videos tend to help potential customers know you and feel good about working with your company.

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